4:12 Men

4:12Men was a personal burden for men to find community, practice accountability and take responsibility for their growth.. It’s a forum orientated community, where we have topics of discussions with specialists putting their input and the men sharing contributions 

4:12Men Vision is for every man to disciple/mentor 12 men before they die, those men to disciple 12 men, those 12 men to disciple 12men. The aim is that over 4 generations, men can trace their discipleship back to them and we would have 4 generations of impact from discipling 12 men, just like Jesus did.

We believe in being the change we want to see, we do this by building men, growing communities, and becoming examples.

A New Thing London

I am the visionary leader and founder of A New Thing London, a recent church plant based in London, It’s a contemporary church heralded with the vision to creatively and innovatively advance the kingdom of God through working together as a family. Our mission are three words: Believe. Become. Behold. Which means “what we believe, we become and what we become, the world beholds.” We want the world to behold the newness of Christ, this happens through people believing in Christ thus becoming like Him. 

All things are possible to him/her who believes

All things become new in Christ, 

Behold, God makes all things new.

A&O Studios

Since graduating from university, I’ve been a freelance photographer. I started my first media company at 22, and been going strong since, this has taken me across the globe (Spain, Italy, Dubai, ATL, Scotland) and I’ve photograph at various world renown venues. I specialise in commercial, wedding & portraiture photography.


Birthed from the community of men at 4:12 MEN, I wanted to provide a transitional process from ‘groom 2 husband’ that helped prepare grooms for the realities of marriage. It’s usually done over breakfast/brunch with seasoned husbands to input, newlyweds are welcome to join the conversation and discuss all things husbandhood! 

Out of this we have created The Husband Circle, which is where husbands come together in a safe place to discuss real, raw and relevant talks of being a husband.