About Me

Who Am I?

My name means The Lord fills my heart with joy, Ayokunu, one of the most unique ‘Ayo’ names you’ll ever hear (tell me it ain’t so!).

I have lived a life of creative pursuits, whether that be in the arts and media, society and community or in my faith. All has been a wild adventure of growth, discovery and wisdom.

I am a shepherd of a kingdom creative family, entrepreneur, progenitor, writer and pioneer. 

My first title is son, beloved son, that lives out the will of God with the delight of the Father.

I believe I was born for such a time as this and vow to leave my mark and die empty.


My Philosophy

I am a firm believer in the 3s, and have summarised the expression of my existence into 3 words: build. love. teach. 

builder of the future (seen – body).

lover of the people (felt – soul).

teacherof the truth (digested – spirit).


iBuildthe older I get the more i realise my love for using my hands to create and my mind to re-imagine.

iLovethe greatest experience, feeling and concept known to mankind, it’s something that enables all of us to find something worth living and dying for. People always remember how you made them feel, more than what you said.

iTeach if we aren’t learning, we aren’t growing, if we aren’t growing we are shortchanging our transformation, we fail to unveil and unearth the hidden gems within us.

Your encounter with me will leave you being built, loved and taught. Leaving you seen, felt & satisfied. Knowing that your whole being has been visited, body, soul and spirit.



Now, to tell you about my wife!

Married it to my dream come true Susan Deborahs Oduniyi. We got married in September 2017, our story is one of love and forgiveness, patience & purpose.

Together we’ve founded House of AOSD (our media house) and co-lead A New Thing London (our church).

She’s a prolific speaker, content creator, digital motivator, outstanding author, businesswoman. She runs Susan Deborahs (her brand), By SD (stationary business), Coffee & Prayer (women’s organisation) – I think you get it, she’s a superstar “,).

She’s a voice for now, with a word in her belly for all generations! You can find out more about what she does below at her website.

Book Me

I am available for speaking engagements, to book me to speak/teach or to enquire of my mentoring services kindly make an enquiry or email: bookings@ayokunu.com .