Creative Leader.

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I am multipotentialite, meaning I diversify the gift I am to into different streams of service to humanity!

I’m married to my dream come true: Susan Deborahs.

I lead a community of kingdom creative believers: A New Thing LDN! 

I’ve curated a space for men to be transparent on all things manhood: 412 Men.

I write revelatory, heartfelt, inspirational pieces. 

I counsel, coach, mentor people into their transformation.

A New Thing London

A contemporary church in the heart of London, gathering people passionate about all things transformative, creativity & innovation.

A&O Studios

An international photography boutique specialising in wedding, portraiture & commercial photography.

Four12 Men

A community curated for men to gather and discuss all things manhood in our modern day. We champion community, accountability & responsibility.


A place for where grooms can be candid & discuss the transition from being a groom to being a husband. For engaged, newlyweds & husbands.

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How to be a man

How to be a man

A&O STUDIOS Since graduating from university, I’ve been a freelance photographer. I started my first media company at 22, and been going strong since, this has taken me across the globe (Spain, Italy, Dubai, ATL, Scotland) and I’ve photographed at various world...

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Blog Title 3

Blog Title 3

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